Performance Coaching (2)
The significance of performance.

Dictionaries translate the concept " performance" by " appearance" (in connection with a show) for " fulfillment" and " balance sheets" (in connection with the development of a financial stock). For SCI performance only then can be measured if she walks along measurands of the output, this means a new added value provided by the employee to the enterprise.

Performance and performance development have to be measured in the consequences or the value to be expected alone. Value means, however, more than performance. Value is rather the result of the operational activity, added value for it so.

For the personal policy this means that learning objectives are defined with respect to the expected performance. Therefore there are the following questions to be cleared before every personal improvement activity:

- What concretely shall the coachee do?

- Under which circumstances shall the performance be produced?

- When becomes the performance quality or the performance standard looks reached?

If we compare this with the above mentioned " traditional training approach" the word " paradigm change" is certainly not an exaggeration.

An intervention (mostly a seminar) is still carried out due to a faulty performance in the output. At the following check of the output a success of the intervention will be able to be only seldom recognized.

Since the performance main emphasis must, however, be on the outputs therefore not on which what they do to what the employees produce it is necessary to form performance models when output defines a quite concrete business goal.