Performance Coaching
We have experienced the most dramatic process of change in the training area today for 50 years. The recognition more and more gains acceptance that a traditional training doesn't bring the value for enterprises expected by the globalization and the competitive pressure.

Dana and James Robinson notice in their book " Moving From Training to Performance" that almost 60 billion dollars direct cost for the education of the employees are distributed in the U.S.A. every year.

If we include the indirect cost (e.g. the time which is used for this education) the sum increases to 200 - 300 billion dollars. Employees, however, don't even use 30 % of the acquired knowledge and skills generally at their work. Many education departments nevertheless report about their activities (e.g. number of participant days, judgment of a seminar etc.) instead of about the scored results furthermore. No wonder that more and more enterprises have serious doubts about the value of these kind of seminars.

Employees need, however, more and more technical knowledge and behaviours whose requirements in addition permanently change. Studying lifelongly is one must and enterprises are forced to provide the infrastructure required for it today.

The significance of " performance"