Successful introduction of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the active set-up and preservation of long-term profitable customer relations by interaction with the customer. The interaction is made by use of suitable technologies, value increasing business processes and content employees.

The three CRM main components are people, processes and technologies. They are in an immediate connection with each other. No new customer philosophy, no call for the implementation of an outshining information technology, no new employee orientation and primarily no new software is CRM.

CRM is an integral attempt at the profitable arrangement of customer relations under consideration of a purposeful staff qualification (soft factors), an integration of existing technologies and its expansion as well as the orientation of business processes towards exchange of value between the own organization and customers. Every test of the unilateral consideration is doomed to failure. A variety of the CRM introductions didn't bring about the hoped-for success because the main emphasis was put on only a component.

What does CRM mean for the organization?

The decisive question is: How can the enterprise organization be made fit for CRM? Unfortunately, it is also the question for which there is no solution yet. Many enterprises start with CRM as a project. They notice, however, fast that CRM is more comprehensively than assumed first gets broader and more complex, the project. And it needs the punch-through on the operative divisions in the enterprise.

Enterprises having already early dealt with CRM, remarks now that they don't come further in the traditional organizational structure, sales separated of marketing and service. Courageously new approaches are tried out there. Many American enterprises have gone away completely of the function-related organization, for example. You line up along the enterprise processes and a so-called " Chief Customer Officer" is on executive board level responsibly for the arrangement of and improvement in all customer relations.

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